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Monday, 10 February 2014

Men with beard are smoking hot!

There is something so sexually endearing about a man with a beard.  Women can go crazy over a bearded gentleman.  I can’t speak for all here but most ladies I know, including myself, love them.  And not any type of beard.  We do like maintenance here, guys.  I’m referring to a nicely trimmed, groomed and maintained field of love.  To achieve this it entails washing, conditioning, trimming and combing on a daily basis.  Or, if you have a face like Ryan Gosling’s, you maybe be forgiven going a week without doing so.

This bristly attraction is manly, rugged, and just down right sexy.  Such a turn-on.  You look at his face and wonder what it feels like against your skin.  And if you’re even more attracted to his appearance, you wonder what it feels like on more private parts of your skin.  Furthermore, if said bearded man just so happens to play any string instrument, preferably the guitar, he is even more swoon-worthy.  And you need to date him.

Lately, I’ve been infatuated with a very talented, handsome man.  He has a groomed, nicely shaped, full covering beard.  And he also plays the guitar.  This is cause enough for me to want to go on several dates with you, and probably back to your place afterward.  Well, our time together has lasted long enough to see each other on a regular basis.  I thoroughly enjoy this.

When I first met him I thought to myself,

“Wow, his face is just beautiful.  If he shaved his beard, would I be as attracted to him?  No.  If he didn’t play guitar, would I find him as alluring?  No.  Well then, what else to do besides work my charm and give him my number?  I’ll worry about getting to know his soul after we enjoy our attractiveness between each other first.”

So we started seeing each other.  We’d go for dinner, drinks, walks, movies.  All the great things you do when you’re seeing someone.  However, my experience was better because I got to look over at and touch a beard.  Simple as that.

And being out in public with a bearded man is somewhat of an ego-booster, I must admit.  We enter a crowded restaurant, following our host to the table and people glance over.  We stand on the side of the street waiting for the walk sign to change and people glance over.  We walk into a…you get the idea, right?  And it’s not just the type of glance where the person is scouting out all surroundings and just happens to notice your cute little face.  It’s a type of contemplative glance.  The type of glance saying, “I’ve noticed you two!  You are the lucky winners of this crowd!”

These are the powers that beards posses:  Beards get you noticed, make other men jealous because lots of them cannot grow beards, turn females on, make people wonder about your area of expertise and career; because you must be into music, art, agriculture, education or literature.  Automatically have a one-up on the dude standing next to you sans beard, turn females on, having a daily reminder that you are manly, giving you a higher ability to get dates, and turning females on.

So let’s celebrate all the studly beards out there, and give all the men credit for the glory of this sexiness.


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